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19th February 2020/Fitness
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It is usually preconceived by many of us that chewing paan is not good for health.But according to the latest reviews from the paan lovers and general consumers that paan is the most loved delicacy and an after-dinner meal and has several health benefits. If you are the adventurous type and love trying things to eat that it’s highly suggested trying consuming “paan”. Every class in India love to chew paan and have also been popularized a great deal by Bollywood.

Now paan has become a craze for the youth and is being served as post-dinner cravings. Are you unaware about paan and imagine how people like eating paan without any taste or variety in it, then you are probably wrong as paan holds the highest variety and have extensive flavors which can relish your taste buds.

Now let’s take a glance of top 10 paan varieties that are best for post dinner cravings –

  • Banarasi Paan
  • Meetha paan
  • Rasmalai paan
  • Silver paan
  • Meetha paan
  • Chocolate paan
  • Malaai paan
  • Milk paan
  • Rabari Paan
  • Ice Paan

One of the finest and prominent manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers Paan Aroma offers a different variety of flavored paan with amazing aroma in every bite. Order according to your taste and preference an extensive assortment of flavored varieties and exotica paan delicacies.

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