Paan Aroma serves 100% tobacco-free and sanitary delights made with love. Paan Aroma franchisee may be yours in your area, and you can make a lot of profit with a well-established brand by offering everyone’s favorite and new varieties of Paan, as well as delectable snacks and beverages!!

The following are the benefits of owning a Paan Aroma franchise:

  1. Franchise Assistance
  2. Chance to work with a well-known brand
  3. High Rates of Success
  4. There is no requirement for prior business experience.
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Company Support

  • Staffing Support.
  • Material Support
  • Operational Support
  • Online Marketing Support
  • Offline Marketing Support
  • New Flavors Launching & Training Support
  • Regular Visit of Business Development Manager
  • A Standard Operating Program for Franchise Partner.
  • Logistic Support
  • Proper Business Guideline Support.
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The Requirements from Franchise Partner Side

  1. 60 to 120 square feet area required in a prime location on the ground floor with some parking availability
  2. Local marketing responsibility

Note: According to the company which will design the interior design itself, if it does not have an interior, then it will be the responsibility of the franchisee partner itself

Investment on Unit Outlet/ Unit Franchises:

Per Unit Sales Fee: 2.5 Lac
Basic Franchises Fee: 1Lac
Starter Kit: 1.5Lac

Our Starter Kit Details

  • 01
    Raw Material
  • 02
    Paan 70+ varieties
  • 03
    Mukhwas 10+ Varieties
  • 04
    Paan Making Equipment’s
  • 05
  • 06
    Trained Staff
  • 07
    Proper Training Regarding Management
  • 08
    Launching Support
  • 09
    Marketing Support (Online & Offline)
  • 10
    Logistic Support
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  • 11
    Business Guideline
  • 12
    Assigned Separate Team For Events
  • 13
    Visit Quarterly or, On Requirements
  • 14
    Staff backup support
  • 15
    Franchises Meet up
  • 16
    Yearly Reward Ceremony
  • 17
    FSSAI Licence
  • 18
    Online Delivery Platform
  • 19
    Brand Name Authority
  • 20
    Operational Support
  • 21
    Vender Management
Why choose us for a franchise

We are brand and We offer a unique concept for you. We innovatively serve tradition. Now we are talking about the uniqueness of our concept.

  • We serve 100% tobacco-free paan
  • Easy to start and operational business
  • Safe and hygienic paan
  • Well trained staff for making delicious paan to every outlet
  • 100% vegetarian and safe paan ingredients
  • Low investment with a highly profitable business
  • Safe for all age groups.

How to join us as a franchise partner

If you want to become your boss, don’t wait to come and associate with us as a franchise partner. We provide low investment franchise with high ROI anybody can easily take our paan franchise with just simple steps
Step 1: Contact the company via a phone number or email and send in your details as directed. brief your plan and your profile which our management will review.
Step 2: Franchise buyer’s capital must meet the requirements for agreement.
Step 3: The required franchise fee must be paid at the time of the agreement
Step 4: After signing the agreement, we take up to 25 days to launch the franchise.

  • Minimum 100 – 200 sq ft area in a prime location with heavy footfall. Our team will sign an agreement with them that have been booked or have been booked by the company.
  • The outlet should be in an authorized place only.
  • Owner profile should be legally clear.
  • We do not provide our two franchises at the same location within 2 km.
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