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19th February 2020/Fitness
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PAAN AROMA” brings to you multi-flavored Paan that it prepares with exotic masalas and with a passion to relish your taste buds. PAAN AROMA has an iconic presence in Paan making. Be it ‘Chocolate Paan’, and ‘Meetha Paan or Sada Paan’, if you take it, you will be filled with joy, refreshing your mood. PAAN AROMA is one of the prominent Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers & Suppliers of the most innovative and mouthwatering varieties of Paan.

RAJWADI PAAN: Paan is used as a mouth freshener and rajwadi paan Is natural fresh to the whole world. It is also a refreshment that is served at parties and weeding’s. Rajwadi paan is free from artificial colors; it is of pure quality and cure acidity, unique flavor and freshness and Lip-smacking taste.

BANARASI SADA PAAN: The custom of chewing paan has been embedded in our culture and history for ages. You can find people from all walks of life eating paan.They can cost anywhere between Rs 20 to Rs 500, depending upon the type and quality of the leaves. PAAN AROMA all have to try once in life.

MIX FRUIT PAAN: Mix fruit paan from PAAN AROMA is Easy to digest, Exotic taste and of Pure quality.These paans are stuffed with gulkand, fruits like strawberry, pineapple, grapes, etc.; funnels, Katha and fresh cream.The offered paans are extensively served in different occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. PAAN AROMA prepare these paans with premium quality fruits and nuts.

MEETHA PAAN: Rasmalai is a delicious Bengali sweet which is popular all over India, people love to eat paan after lunch or dinner as mouth refresher. Paan flavored rasmalai comes out very tasty. PAAN AROMA gives this paan at very low cost.

MEETHA PAAN: PAAN AROMA hold expertise in making perfect Meetha Paan as per the taste of people. Only fresh paan leaf, quality ingredients like saunf, gulkhand, glazed cherries and elaichi Dana are used to prepare and ideal Meetha Paan. This Meetha Paan gives a very amazing mint and sweet flavor to the mouth.
Refreshing, colorful and a treat for the senses, paan has always been the go-to palate cleanser. Traditionally served as mouth-fresheners to end a meal, paan is broadly categorized as meetha (sweet) and sada.

CHUSKI PAAN: Your taste buds just can’t afford to miss the Chuski paan of PAAN AROMA. The interesting combination of crushed ice with a tinge of rose syrup makes for a perfect cooler this season. PAAN AROMA offers you an air-conditioned paan eating experience, quite an unusual offer. 

FIRE PAAN: ‘Fire Paan’ users increasing in the city, every second person try this paan it is one of the most famous paan now-a-days. PAAN AROMA use betel leaves from Kolkata along with chuna, chutney,Delhi masala, chocolate and pudina. To light the paan, Flame liquid clove is used. We don’t use any other artificial chemicals.

 PAAN SHOT: Paan Shots from paan aroma is a refreshing, mouth freshener drink that is inspired from the meetha pan that we Indians usually consume after a heavy meal. Paan Shots is something that I had always wanted to try.Made from Betel leaves; these Paan Shots are usually served after dinner or meals in restaurants back in India. A ridiculously easy to make drink that is packed with tons of flavor. Make this for your next party or just like that and serve to your family; I am sure they will absolutely love this.

WHITE CHOCOLATE PAAN: White chocolate Paan is something I’veenjoyed as a teenager and till date I ♥ it… Excellent mouth freshener and works superb for digestion.After a heavy meal paan is an excellent dessert with very less calories… I will always order for some chocolate paan every time we dine out. All should try it from PAAN AROMA.

PAAN AROMA is the NO 1 Retail chain of Banarasi Paan in India. It is the first company that known for Family Paan Café. They serve more than 50 + of selling flavor’s paan for all age of people. PAAN AROMA have three type of franchise model. If you are looking to startup a business then go for it.

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