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Paan Aroma is India’s Best and No 1 Banarasi Paan Retail Store. Paan Aroma is Retail chain of Real taste of Banarasi Paan.We serve the authentic and best Paan in the County. Do you wish to work with Paan Aroma? Because we believe a well served Meetha Banarasi Paan can solve everything. The following blog is regarding the Franchise Opportunity by Paan Aroma.

1. Paan Aroma is among the Best paan retail chain in india serving the unexplored delicacies of Indian Paan. We are expanding our franchise to keep up with the best flavors of paan alive across Asian Continent.

2. We try and always keep on experimenting and Launching new Flavors of Indian Paan by formulating and experimenting with our Training Support. Paan Aroma is the No 1. Retail chain of Delicious Banarasi Paan. Under one Investment there are three income source from this business .

3. With our Franchise you also get a Regular Visit of our Business Development Manager. A Standard Operating Program for Franchise Partner. We also give Logistic Support & a Proper Business Guideline Support

4. We serve our customers with the best Flavoured paans at PaanAroma. Try and let us know what’s your favorite. The Special Saada Paan, Chocolate Paan, Mango Paan or The delightful Meetha Paan?

5.  Here at PaanAroma you will find that provide the Best Paan Franchises Model in India as we provide Staffing Support, Material Support, Operational Support, Online and Offline Marketing Support to our new members an Franchise Partners.

6. A good Banarasi paan can solve all your mood swings and breakdowns. Hence we are expanding our cafe franchise all over across India to serve you with the best flavors of Indian paan.

7. Paan Aroma’s Special Menu loaded with delicious Masala Paan & snacks.
We’re now available for delivery and 24/7 open just to serve you with the best flavors of paan.
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8. We provide the Best paan franchise model. Paan Aroma brings to you multi-flavored Paan that it prepares with exotic masalas and with a passion to relish your taste buds.

9. PAAN AROMA has an incredible taste at incredible prices. We also serve Snacks and other delicious eateries. You can Quench your Chocolate craving with Paan Aroma’s Chocolate Cookie shake.

10. We are India’s First Family Paan Cafe & we serve 100 %Tobacco free Paan delicacies only. We also serve Delicious yet Hygienic Paan Deserts with PaanAroma. Try varieties of Paan delicacies and snacks we offer.

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