top 10 benefits of eating paan
25th March 2022/blog
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1. Effect On Doshas -Ayurveda is all about doshas, once a dosha is increased or decreased the problem can happen in the body. Paan can be a great help to the Ayurvedic doshas because, They help to raise the Pitta doshas, while balancing the Vata and Kapha elements, to maintain tridoshic harmony in the system.

2. Eases Constipation -The ayurvedic research proves that paan is, Powerhouse of antioxidants that clear radicals from the body. These amazing antioxidants can help in the ease of constipation in the stomach and therefore, it is said that it is a perfect dish to eat after the meal!

3. Improves Digestion -Paan can increase metabolism, trigger circulation and at the same time helps in stimulating the intestines to absorb vital vitamins and nutrients. This way, it can help perfectly in the digestion of food.

4. Maintains Oral Health -Paan has amazing qualities of maintaining the amazing mouth freshening fragrance in oral health. You can have great oral health by chewing it regularly after the meal!

5. Manages Diabetes -It helps in combating oxidative stress and at the same time, it lower inflammation caused due to uncontrolled blood glucose. Therefore, it can be a great friend to maintain and help you in managing diabetes.

6. Prevents Cancer -Many types of research have shown that it, Contain a wealth of phytochemicals that possess cancer-fighting benefits. Therefore, you can give your body great combat from cancer by chewing it.

7. Fights depression -There has been the Presence of aromatic phenolic compounds in betel leaf, that stimulate the release of catecholamine which can support in enhancing the sense of well-being and uplifts mood. Therefore, as per Ayurveda, it can also help your mental health amazingly.

8. Rich water content -It’s a good option to beat the heat this summer season because it has amazing rich water content in itself. Keeping the body hydrated is very important in the summer season and therefore it is a great option for that!

9. Helps in weight loss -It can increase the metabolic rate of the body and, the metabolic rate of the body if it increases can help in the reduction of weight and therefore, you can have great weight management by paan.

10. Relief from internal pains -It is having amazing antioxidant and vitamin c qualities that can make it the perfect type of ingredient to help internal pain. Many researchers have shown that it can give you amazing relief from internal pain as it can help in the reduction of inflammation from the body.

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