We are the franchise modal at paan aroma. We want everyone to enjoy the delicious paan aroma. We make non-tobacco paan and operate a full-service family paan café. paan aroma is a paan lover’s dream, which is why we created a paan aroma franchise. We are constantly expanding our mission and would like to invite everyone interested to join us on this beautiful journey.

      Requirements for getting a paan aroma franchise
      1. 60 to 120 square feet are required for shop
      2. Prime location on the ground floor
      3. Parking availability
      4. Local marketing responsibility
      5. Per Unit Sales Fee: 2.5 Lac
      6. Basic Franchises Fee: 1Lac
      7. Starter Kit: 1.5Lac

      If you agree with these requirements, feel free to contact us at +91 8860-348-393 or +91 8178 005 599 to learn more about the procedure and other vital information regarding franchisees. If you want to learn more about us, who has taken our franchisees, and from which location it’s taken, please visit our website at

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