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Paan Aroma India’s renowned franchise that comes up with a delectable taste of Banarasi Paan. Enjoy the authentic flavors of paan with variety in taste and quality. Paan Aroma is known as the No.1 retail outlet of the real taste of paan. Under one investment there are three income sources from this business including retail business, event business, and home delivery.

Paan Aroma at present is having 100 plus franchise models all over India. With a 60 percent profit margin, Paan Aroma is reaching its new heights. With an authentic taste, flavor, and elegance Banarasi paan has shown its uniqueness in the Indian market and now build a chain of franchise outlets in most of the parts of India. It ensures that Paan Aroma is made available to every individual customer with a variety of flavor, taste, quality, and hygiene.

At present Paan, Aroma has become the top producer of unique and authentic paan varieties at an affordable rate. We aim at sourcing the fresh and finest quality of ingredients of paan from reliable and genuine vendors of the market. Thereby ensuring great taste and unmatched quality. Our dedicated and experienced members have made these varieties of paan, who have extreme knowledge of putting appropriate ingredients for a perfect taste of paan.

We focus on serving mouth-watering taste, safe packaging, and timely home delivery at the venue places. Plus we provide the franchise of this Paan Aroma to entrepreneurs to set up their own business to be the authorized outlet of Paan Aroma. In addition, our partner will be authorized to serve the delicious paan to regular customers, event booking services according to their area.

Paan Aroma envisions its eye in considering client’s expectations and also helped in retailing the clientele for the long term. However, Paan Aroma is offering the delicacies of paan in marriages, parties, events, and on different occasions. There are an innumerable variety of paan flavors including elaichi paan, fire paan, Gulab chutney paan, gur rewrite paan, halwa paan, ice fire paan, Kesar chutney paan, kulfi paan, laddu paan, and a lot more is the list.

With a simple policy to direct towards maintaining great taste and pure natural essence of paan which helps in making the name popular in the Indian market and international boundaries as well. Visit our official store partner and fill your heart and mouth with Banarasi paan. Enjoy every bite of it with pleasure and in leisure.

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