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14th December 2022/paan
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Paan can be seen everywhere in India. The betel leaf, also known as “Paan,” is a ubiquitous entity in India. Though the betel leaf itself is used for numerous purposes and on various occasions, like festivals or weddings, the paan, on the other hand, includes the leaf along with other ingredients that all come together to form the perfect digestive remedy after a good, hearty meal and an amazing mouth freshener.

Paan, along with many other mouth-freshening items, is an important item in many Indian households. It is one of those idiosyncrasies that have a special place in the hearts of Indian people, and its influence is seen in social, economic, as well as cultural backgrounds.

Let us look at some points of Paan culture in India:

  1. Medicinal uses of paan: betel leaf is considered healthy and has various benefits and medicinal properties too. It helps in digestion, is a great mouth freshener, and is an antiseptic. It has great value in Ayurveda and treats diseases of the bile and air.

  2. Paan–history and tradition: Though the paan is more or less restricted to satisfy the cravings and the taste buds, it is the betel leaves that are rooted in tradition, history, and culture. The paan leaves are used on various occasions across India as a sign of a good omen.

  3. Paan in the cultural milieu: Paan impacts a complex cultural landscape. On one hand, paan is considered healthy if it is eaten in a limited amount and without areca nuts and tobacco. And on the other hand, the walls of the streets of India are full of red stains from spattered paan. Thus, the therapeutic and aromatic influence of paan is seen everywhere in India.

  4. Paan is used in Indian rituals at weddings: Paan is typically gifted during weddings to guests or teachers to seek blessings. Priests get a betel nut and a coin placed on the leaf as a mark of respect. In Assam, paan and betel nuts are given to guests along with invitation cards for marriage. Also, in West Bengal, we have all seen brides entering the marriage venue, covering their faces with betel leaves.

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