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4th February 2023/blog
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No matter how much you eat exotic and modern desserts, the feeling and contentment you get after eating meetha or a normal paan cannot be matched. And this truth can only be understood by Indians. Children or the elderly, everyone loves to have a paan after having a fulfilling meal. They not only taste delicious and amazing but are also good for digestion. And if you want to eat the best, most hygienic, and tastiest paan, look no further and head towards the Paan Aroma Café, which is famous for its hygienic, delicious, and wide variety of paan. Other than paans, they also have paan thalis, paan golgappa, and different beverages.

Let us find out in how many states Paan is famous:

  1. Lucknow: Lucknow is quite famous for its paan-making. Also, paan chewing is kind of a tradition in Lucknow. If you are in Lucknow, you can see paan shops in every street, lane, and corner decorated and designed with paans. Lucknowis have a very strong connection with paan. The most famous Lucknowi paans are pistai paan, zafrani paan, badami paan, khatta meetha paan, etc.

  2. Kolkata: Kolkata has some amazing tastes and flavors when it comes to paan. For the people of Kolkata, paan is not just an after-meal delicacy; in fact, it is a tool to start gossiping and digest their food. It is quite popular among the people of Kolkata. Chocolate paan, ice mint, and fire paan are some of the famous paans of Kolkata.

  3. Banaras: Who doesn’t know about Banarsi paan. They are one of the most famous paans across India. It is an exotic combination of nuts, kattha, slaked lime, leaf, and other ingredients like gulkand and chandi ka varkh. Banaras has an unknown connection with paans, and there is no street in Banaras where you can’t find authentic paan shops. The paan of Banaras is a symbol of love, passion, and hospitality.

  4. Bihar: Paan in Bihar is as famous as paans of Lucknow, Kolkata, and Banaras. Meghai paan is very famous here and people have a very unique and strong bond with paan. The world-famous Magahi Paan of the Magadha region in Bihar stands tall in all parameters of taste, pungency, and softness.

Mouth freshener, sweetener, digestive, symbol of hospitality—that’s Paan. Try amazing and unique paans at Paan Aroma Café for all your paan cravings. You can taste all the state’s flavors in one place. Buy the best paan from us, made from real and fresh ingredients, at the lowest price. Visit

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