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Today’s Youth Choice – Paan

Paan Aroma India’s leading retail chain of the real taste of Banarasi Paan started with the vision to offer tasty and delectable paan. We strive to focus on quality, hygiene, delicious taste, and safe products to its valuable customers who are looking for a new change in paan variety. Our team sees Paan Aroma as a way to build the community and see it as a way to care for people through making a beautiful place for families in neighborhood spaces.

Paan Aroma brings a touch of tradition a sprinkle of our culture, a generous helping of perfectly balanced authentic flavors. We assure you that you aren’t looking to just add a product, rather, you’re looking at a very niche and novel idea for your guests to take back as an experience.

The Delectable paan menu boasts of some age-old classics of the strawberry Paan and the chocolate paan for the hardcore authentic paan lovers. And then for the ones that don’t mind fusion of cuisines and currently stand at about 20 exotic variations of paans, which includes aroma abroad paan, butterscotch paan, chocolate dry fruit mix, chocolate paan shake, and coconut paan, etc.

Paan Aroma stays true to flavors and believes that these delectable flavors are a strength. Henceforth, we take a lot of pride in customizing the look and feel of our live setup. Our main motive is always to ensure our setups are aligned to the overall theme.

Paan Aroma powered by passion and elevated by the most aromatic spices, Paans are something which gives every party that oomph factor, and what better way to send off your guests than to offer them wonderful refreshments with a lingering taste. What sets Paan Aroma apart is that we do not compromise on hygiene and are constantly evolving our techniques and recipes. Paan Aroma offers a vast variety of fruit and chocolate paans which are the new age concoctions of the traditional variant.

Our team delivers all our goodies to your doorstep! And for functions, events & gifting contact us directly to know more. Paan Aroma ensures to get the best brands and products on board.

If we talk about the taste, flavors, and elegance of Paan Aroma are unique and matchless in India. It’s our endeavor to build a chain of franchise outlets in most of the cities of India to ensure that delicious Banarasi Paan is made available to every customer with same the same flavor, quality and hygiene.  

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